High Accuracy Digital Pressure Gauge -TS-DPG-LABDMM2

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Designed to be used in metrological laboratories, calibration systems, automation in general and process controls where it is necessary to monitor, record and transmit data.


Categories: Digital Gauge


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A professional digital pressure gauge made according to the most modern technologies to guarantee a high level of reliability, versatility and practicality at the same time.The sturdiness and a high stability over time are guaranteed by a monolithic sensor made entirely of stainless steel capable of working even in the presence of highly dynamic pressures, and by a robust housing made of painted aluminum. With this instrument it is possible to simultaneously measure the PRESSURE generated by air, gas, oil, water or any other type of non-corrosive fluid and the TEMPERATURE of the fluid that generates the pressure. The pressure gauge is powered by an internal rechargeable Li-ion battery with up to 50 hours of continuous operation (without backlight). T

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