Which industries are Taishio product most suited for use in?

Taishio are industrial supplier various measuring instruments such as temperature sensor, humidity sensor, transmitter, air velocity, pressure calibrator and etc.

Thus, instruments from Taishio can be used in many industries such as environmental, HVAC, automotive, marine & offshore, electronic and engineering

Where is Taishio from?

Taishio was established in Singapore in 2010 with its first range of handpump calibrator. The objective of Taishio is to provide affordable, high-quality instrumentation solutions to the end-user. To date, Taishio is selling to over 10 countries around the world and is continuing to expand to more countries with increasing popularity.

What are the warranty terms for Taishio?

All Taishio products are warranted against all manufacturing defects for 9 months from the date of purchase. However, we will look into reasonable cases of manufacturer defects even after the warranty period, if it ever happens.

Does Taishio provide Calibration Certificate for their products?

No, Taishio does not provide calibration certification, although our products are factory calibrated during production like most instrument manufacturers. A calibration certificate would signify additional calibration test to be carried out, which also means a separate calibration charge would be involved.

Does Taishio provide calibration service?

Yes, we do provide Professional Calibration Services in our “ISO 9000” accredited laboratory. Separate fees for calibration services will be charged. Calibration services would have to be stated explicitly when placing your orders. In most cases, cost of calibration will usually be more expensive than replacing the instrument itself.